First place: Middletown Transcript

“The Transcript’s Facebook page was created in 2013 and has been maintained by the various reporters and editors on staff since.

Though the Transcript is the second biggest newspaper in GateHouse Media Delaware by circulation, its Facebook page has the highest number of users compared to other sister publications, including the Dover Post – GateHouse’s biggest paper in the state.

As of March 31, 2015, the Transcript’s Facebook page boasts of 8,023 “Likes” and a very interactive community of users. The growth of the page is due to a number of best practices exercised by the newspaper’s staff. As per GateHouse Inner Circle requirements, there are a minimum of two posts per day on the Transcript’s Facebook page. We make sure that each post will help achieve one or more of our goals (i.e. drive traffic to the site; measure levels of interest, etc.).”

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Very impressive for a small newspaper. Middletown Transcript has a great Facebook page that drew me in even though I don’t know the community. The time and effort that went into this page is paying off – and the community reaction will only get better.

Second place: Crestview News Bulletin

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Third place: Stephenville Empire-Tribune

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