First place: Greg Barnes, Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville, North Carolina About this entry: Senior reporter Greg Barnes dogged pursuit of the truth about the death of a child under Social Services supervision is in the best tradition of watchdog journalism. Read online: Investigation: A child’s death, despite warnings to Social Services, court Great example of accountability journalism […]

First place: Katie Landeck, The News Herald, Panama City, Florida About this entry: Katie’s entries on the health beat all focus on obstacles to care: lack of transportation, access to healthy food and the health coverage gap, which featured profiles, extensive interviews and medical records reviews of six local residents struggling to find and afford […]

First place: Amy Knapp, The Independent, Massillion, Ohio Read online: Stump Hill owner fights to have 10 beloved animals returned Well-written and well-researched stories; good use of detail. Love how she breaks the story into sections like ‘The decision’ and ‘What’s next.’ Like that the reporter also shot video and clearly knew which clips to […]

First place: Melissa Cantu-Trevino, Alice Echo-News Journal, Alice, Texas Read online: Four officers promoted and pinned The reporter covers a wide range of events and issues and writes very clearly. Second place: Scott Lauck, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, St. Louis, Missouri Third place: Nate Ellis, ThisWeek Dublin Villager, Lewis Center, Ohio