Angie Muhs, The State Journal-Register, Springfield, Illinois

About this entry: “Angie Muhs exemplifies everything one could ask for from an editor.

She is deeply connected to her community, constantly looks for ways the SJR can be a leader in community engagement, demands excellence from her team and works tirelessly to ensure deliver quality, impactful content to our readers every day. ” – Todd Sears, president and publisher, The State Journal-Register

Muhs led a wide range of reader engagement programs and directed bold coverage concentrating on state and government accountability, including a front page editorial calling for a resolution to the state budget impasse.

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This editor leads a wide range of reader engagement programs from a reader advisory board to awards recognizing volunteerism in the community; located in the state capitol, this newspaper has concentrated on state and government accountability. Muhs directed some bold coverage including a Page One editorial calling for resolution to the state budget impasse.”

Honorable Mention

Lynne Sullivan, The Herald News, Fall River, Massachusetts

About this entry: “Lynne does not wait for someone to suggest or tell her to try something new. Lynne is the model of self-innovation. She embraces new ideas whether they are her own or suggestions from a co-worker or a reader. Lynne does not waste time worrying about how many reporters and photographers she used to have. Lynne focuses on how to produce the best newspapers and web sites with the resources she has now.” – Mark Olivieri, publisher, The Herald News

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This editor does impressive work with a small staff, including creating inventive engagement opportunities like the “speed dating” forum in which many of the community-based frontline anti-drug groups met each other for the first time. She pushes her staff to be creative and thoughtful. The “doors” on Instagram is an example of something whimsical but meaningful. Her publisher describes Sullivan’s “digital first” mindset as a “muscle memory” in her newsroom. It happens automatically. Bravo.”