“This editorial writer forcefully reminds government leaders that they are doing the people’s work. The editorials go right at public officials, with phrases such as “government is supposed to be responsive to the people” and records “belong to the residents.” It’s clear by the entries that this newspaper is a watchdog for the people.”

“The editorials are well reported, persuasive and show a strong connection to the community. Good job of holding public officials accountable – particularly the takedown of the school board – and laying out solutions to community problems.”

“Smith tackles the thorniest of subjects, including one of the South’s iconic images – the Confederate flag – and does so courageously. The writer nails it again with completely honest writing on a subject vitally important to newspapers and the public – access to public records and the ability to hold public officials accountable. Again, a well-crafted and well-reasoned editorial that should inspire readers to action. He also points out quite ably the silliness that surrounds political gaffes.”