First place: Ariana Torrey, Center for News & Design Really smart design with a lot of interesting elements. Love the play of photos and graphics. She did a great job especially considering the amount of information that had to be presented. Second place: Adam McHugh, Center for News & Design Third place: Wes Huett, Journal Star

First place: Nick Dumont, The Gaston Gazette View online: THE HOME HE MADE Second place: Emely Delsanto, The Herald News Third place: Carmen Cerra, Ames Tribune

First place: Emely Delsanto, Taunton Daily Gazette Second place: Crystal Hernandez, Brownwood Bulletin Third place: Eric Dundon, Hannibal Courier-Post

First place: John Godshalk, ThisWeek Community News Nice photo play. Clean work. Good sense of balance.