First place: Jennifer Borresen, Sarasota Herald-Tribune View online: What happened to Mason? Second place: Courtney Hergesheimer, The Columbus Dispatch Third place: Fred Zwicky, Journal Star

First place: Ken McGagh, MetroWest Daily News Beautifully done on the state trooper funeral, somber and reflective. Thoroughly enjoyed the re-enactment shots. Some unusual and unexpected shots. Second place: Mike Hensdill, The Gaston Gazette Third place: Gary Higgins, The Patriot Ledger

First place: Brittany Randolph, The Shelby Star Nice moments. The officer and dog shot would have been easy to miss. The rainbow shot was a beaut as the arch seems to cover the fans. The robotics competitor is intent on her task and totally compelling. Second place: Adam Ewing, The Shawnee News-Star Third place: Billy […]

First place: Alyssa Stone, Marshfield Mariner Part 1 is a good catch for the kiss and proportions of the photo. Part 3 is great emotion and truly captures the moment. Part 21: The rodeo work was top notch! Second place: Lorrie Cecil, ThisWeek Community News Third place: Joshua A. Bickel, ThisWeek Community News