Dennis Anderson, Journal Star, Peoria, Illinois About this entry: “As a publisher, I place a great deal of trust in the day to day decisions Dennis makes, as do all publishers of their editors. I can say that in this instance that trust is not misplaced. This is evident by Dennis’s involvement in our community on […]

Angie Muhs, The State Journal-Register, Springfield, Illinois About this entry: “Angie Muhs exemplifies everything one could ask for from an editor. She is deeply connected to her community, constantly looks for ways the SJR can be a leader in community engagement, demands excellence from her team and works tirelessly to ensure deliver quality, impactful content to […]

Eric Dundon, Hannibal Courier-Post, Hannibal, Missouri About this entry: “While the newspaper business continues to see its share of challenges, a strong editor can propel a newspaper forward with creative ideas, ambitious vision and a focus on community needs. Eric Dundon, the editor of the Hannibal Courier-Post in Hannibal, Missouri, has done just that with Missouri’s […]

Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, Florida Read some of the Herald-Tribune’s major projects online: Bias on the Bench, Housing in Sarasota and What Happened to Mason? Publisher: Pat Dorsey Editor: Follow the Herald-Tribune on Facebook and Twitter This newspaper sets the gold standard for community journalism. It has powerful design, smart reader engagement and killer enterprise. In one project, the Herald-Tribune attempts […]

The Herald News, Fall River, Massachusetts   Read The Herald News’ projects online: Women Making History, Braga Bridge Anniversary Publisher: Mark Olivieri Editor: Lynne Sullivan Follow The Herald News on Facebook and Twitter In a very competitive field of smaller newspapers with big ambitions, of local community leadership, excellent print presentation and creative digital storytelling, The […]

The Hannibal Courier-Post, Hannibal, Missouri Read some of Hannibal Courier-Post’s digital reporting: As it happened: 24 hours of violence in Marion County, Important votes missed by Hannibal councilmen in 2016 Publisher: Mike Murphy Editor: Eric Dundon Follow The Hannibal Courier-Post on Facebook and Twitter This newspaper developed new ways to engage readers including a monthly health and wellness insert celebrating New Year’s […]

Wareham Courier, Wareham, Massachusetts Publisher: Mark Olivieri Editor: Follow the Wareham Courier on Facebook and Twitter This newspaper has a strong local, local presence. Photos are included with nearly every story; headlines are engaging. This paper also interacts with readers in print and online. In this judging period, third-grade students had submitted letters to the editor […]

First place: Maggie Clark, Sarasota Herald-Tribune Read online: 2 million kids – $42 billion battle The laser-like focus of this project is truly inspiring. Journalists across the country should use this project as a blueprint to examine how Medicaid works in their communities. Second place: Corina Curry, Rockford Register Star Third place: Kate Bramson, The Providence Journal

First place: Deborah Strange, The Gainesville Sun Read online: Superintendent’s book raises questions about academic standards, allegation of plagiarism The reporter’s talent for ground-breaking enterprise makes this a entry a real winner. Second place: Kelly Humphrey, Northwest Florida Daily News Third place: Bill Shaner, MetroWest Daily News

First place: Trevor McDonald, Hannibal Courier-Post Read online: Hannibal’s Heroin Homefront: Victims remembered for their lives, not deaths Second place: Kathy Jessup, Sturgis Journal Third place: Derek Lacey, Hendersonville Times-News  

First place: Aaron Little, Santa Rosa Press Gazette Read online: Will Santa Rosa County spend half a penny on the courthouse? Solid public service reporting on important tax vote, alcohol vote and public school resources made this the clear winner in this division. Second place: Ethan Hartley, Danvers Herald Third place: Aaron Leibowitz, Malden Observer

First place: Chris Anderson, Sarasota Herald-Tribune Read online: What happened to Mason? Chris Anderson’s story was enthralling, as was the presentation. This is where feature writing could go. Second place: Holly Zachariah, The Columbus Dispatch Third place: Andy Smith, The Providence Journal

First place: Jennie McKeon, Northwest Florida Daily News Read online: Adoptive mom flees in tears upon seeing newborn’s birth defects; biological mom decides to keep her ‘little angel’ Powerful stories that didn’t sugar coat anything. Second place: Brian Fraga, The Herald News Third place: Brendan Kurie, Standard-Times

First place: Eric Dundon, Hannibal Courier-Post Read online: Judson’s story: The fight of his young life So emotional and well-written. Second place: Kent Bush, Shawnee News-Star Third place: Wade Allen, Shelby Star

First place: Phil Devitt, The Chronicle Read online: Retired Dartmouth fire chief moved to tears on 95th birthday This is the epitome of feature writing. Kudos. Second place: Aaron Little, Santa Rosa Press Gazette Third place: Jeffrey Pope, Danvers Herald

First place: Todd Jones, The Columbus Dispatch View online: Wit and sunshine: Memories of teen hockey player live large The clear favorite in a category populated by exceptional writers. Clear, creative and artful writing that is notable for a point of view that is guiding without being distracting. Well done. Second place: Paul Bowker, Cape Cod […]

First place: Dan D’Addona, The Holland Sentinel, Holland, Michigan Read online: Allison Schmitt fights through depression to third Olympics Significant range, depth of emotion and variety of writing styles makes Dan’s work stand out in a set of magnificent entries in this category. He writes in a way that allows the reader to see things […]

First place: Derrick Stuckly, Brownwood Bulletin, Brownwood, Texas Read online: The measure of gr8ness Derrick Stuckly is the Swiss Army knife of the Brownwood Bulletin. He switches from sport to sport, often daily, with apparent ease and expertise. He’s a gem. Second place: Joe Mitchin, The Independent, Massillon, Ohio Third place: Bob Chavez, Daily Messenger, […]

First place: Christopher Hurley, Medford Transcript, Danvers, Massachusetts Read online: Medford Jimmy Fund team helps Melrose resident achieve National dream Nice story selection and superb writing made Christopher’s entry a winner. These are well-written feature stories, whether you are a Sports fan or not, and speak well of his ability to find interesting things beyond […]

First place: Barbara Carmen, The Columbus Dispatch Read online: Forget ‘Ministry of Truth’ Barb Carmen is a great editorial writer and a good reporter. Her ledes are like a loud hand clap, demanding the reader pay attention to the pointed, well-researched commentary that follows. Second place: Pat Howard, Erie Times-News Third place: Mike Bailey, Journal Star

First place: Michael Crumb, Ames Tribune Read online: Using judicial discretion for the greatest impact Michael Crumb’s writing has a nice clip. Short, snapping sentences that have a steady drumbeat, propelled by a hint of indignation. Fun to read. Second place: Dena Sattler, Garden City Telegram Third place: Michael L. Klocke, The Record

First place: Eric Dundon, Hannibal Courier-Post Read online: Councilmen should examine their commitment Eric Dundon proves that the best editorials are the result of good reporting. Arguments rely on facts, data and research, paired with good writing. Second place: Sean McCrory, Daily Messenger

First place: Kaylea Hutson-Miller, The Grove Sun Kaylea Hutson-Miller writes like a true community newspaper editor, standing among her audience, writing as one of them.

First place: Clive McFarlane, Telegram & Gazette Read online: Staying in harmony with a loved one lost Second place: Mark Patinkin, Providence Journal Third place: Michael Smith, Herald-Journal

First place: Jack Spillane, Standard-Times Read online: Rafael’s fall puts New Bedford fishing on brink Second place: Michael Fitzgerald, The Record Third place: Wendy Victora, Northwest Florida Daily News

First place: Kent Bush, The Shawnee News-Star Read online: Caught off guard by a not so simple answer Second place: Keith Magill, Daily Comet Third place: Michael Gorman, Daily Comet

First place: Peter Chianca, Malden Observer Read online: My 6 seconds with Bruce Springsteen in Cambridge Second place: Frank Mulligan, Wareham Courier Third place: Thomas Boni, Crestview News Bulletin

First place: Ariana Torrey, Center for News & Design Really smart design with a lot of interesting elements. Love the play of photos and graphics. She did a great job especially considering the amount of information that had to be presented. Second place: Adam McHugh, Center for News & Design Third place: Wes Huett, Journal Star

First place: Nick Dumont, The Gaston Gazette View online: THE HOME HE MADE Second place: Emely Delsanto, The Herald News Third place: Carmen Cerra, Ames Tribune

First place: Emely Delsanto, Taunton Daily Gazette Second place: Crystal Hernandez, Brownwood Bulletin Third place: Eric Dundon, Hannibal Courier-Post

First place: John Godshalk, ThisWeek Community News Nice photo play. Clean work. Good sense of balance.

First place: Jennifer Borresen, Sarasota Herald-Tribune View online: What happened to Mason? Second place: Courtney Hergesheimer, The Columbus Dispatch Third place: Fred Zwicky, Journal Star

First place: Ken McGagh, MetroWest Daily News Beautifully done on the state trooper funeral, somber and reflective. Thoroughly enjoyed the re-enactment shots. Some unusual and unexpected shots. Second place: Mike Hensdill, The Gaston Gazette Third place: Gary Higgins, The Patriot Ledger

First place: Brittany Randolph, The Shelby Star Nice moments. The officer and dog shot would have been easy to miss. The rainbow shot was a beaut as the arch seems to cover the fans. The robotics competitor is intent on her task and totally compelling. Second place: Adam Ewing, The Shawnee News-Star Third place: Billy […]

First place: Alyssa Stone, Marshfield Mariner Part 1 is a good catch for the kiss and proportions of the photo. Part 3 is great emotion and truly captures the moment. Part 21: The rodeo work was top notch! Second place: Lorrie Cecil, ThisWeek Community News Third place: Joshua A. Bickel, ThisWeek Community News

First place: Greg Barnes, Fayetteville Observer, Fayetteville, North Carolina About this entry: Senior reporter Greg Barnes dogged pursuit of the truth about the death of a child under Social Services supervision is in the best tradition of watchdog journalism. Read online: Investigation: A child’s death, despite warnings to Social Services, court Great example of accountability journalism […]

First place: Katie Landeck, The News Herald, Panama City, Florida About this entry: Katie’s entries on the health beat all focus on obstacles to care: lack of transportation, access to healthy food and the health coverage gap, which featured profiles, extensive interviews and medical records reviews of six local residents struggling to find and afford […]

First place: Amy Knapp, The Independent, Massillion, Ohio Read online: Stump Hill owner fights to have 10 beloved animals returned Well-written and well-researched stories; good use of detail. Love how she breaks the story into sections like ‘The decision’ and ‘What’s next.’ Like that the reporter also shot video and clearly knew which clips to […]

First place: Melissa Cantu-Trevino, Alice Echo-News Journal, Alice, Texas Read online: Four officers promoted and pinned The reporter covers a wide range of events and issues and writes very clearly. Second place: Scott Lauck, Missouri Lawyers Weekly, St. Louis, Missouri Third place: Nate Ellis, ThisWeek Dublin Villager, Lewis Center, Ohio

First place: City of Disparity, Journal Star, Peoria, Illinois Read online: City of Disparity Great journalism. It took vision and tenacity to keep this series going as a steady drumbeat for awareness and change. This is true leadership. Second place: Emily Le Coz, Elizabeth Johnson and Josh Salman’s Bias on the Bench, The Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, Florida […]

First place: Danger Zone, The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, Massachusetts Read online: Danger Zone This is a very creative approach to covering this issue. The combination of data, interviews and observation is very effective. Second place: Cindy Swirko, The Gainesville Sun, Gainesville, Florida Third place: Bill Hand, Sun Journal, New Bern, North Carolina

First place: Hurricane Matthew coverage, The Free Press, Kinston, North Carolina Read online: Kinston may see major flooding This is an impressive effort — both for the spotlight that it puts on the flood damage, the community impact and the way forward, and for the team approach to making it happen. Great use of resources. […]

First place: Gun coverage, Lexington Minuteman, Lexington, Massachusetts Read online: Lexingtonians explain why they own firearms, how they use them This is a great idea, driving an informed debate with multiple perspectives leading to a conversation on the Opinion page. Second place: Dekota Gregory’s “Impact of Drugs” series, The Grove Sun, Grove, Oklahoma Third place: […]

First place: Staff, StarNews, Wilmington, North Carolina Check out StarNews’ digital work online: Azalea Festival A to Z, Shipwrecks of North Carolina This newsroom truly puts digital planning at the forefront of its operation. On daily items and on big, explosive projects, the StarNews staff is devoted to telling stories and breaking news on multiple […]

First place: Staff, Northwest Florida Daily News, Fort Walton Beach, Florida See more digital work online: ‘A role we play’ The Northwest Florida Daily News understands the digital-first mindset and it shows in their DNA. Breaking news, digital experimentation and video show a strong grasp of driving valued engagement. Second place: Staff, The Gainesville Sun, […]

First place: Staff, Journal-Standard, Freeport, Illinois Read online: Rebuilding Neighborhoods: Burglary reports concentrated in east-central Freeport, Freeport Fishtank The Journal-Standard shows size doesn’t matter, that solid planning and a focus on high-level enterprise can lead to innovative results. Freeport Fish Tank and their neighborhood rebuilding project are innovative examples of digital journalism. Second place: Staff, […]

First place: Staff, Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, Florida Community engagement projects include: Uravel: Housing, Spire CoLab and Medicaid Second place: Staff, Rockford Register Star, Rockford, Illinois Third place: Alan Johnson, Brittney McNamara, Kimball Perry, Rita Price, Encarnacion Pyle and JoAnne Viviano, The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio

First place: Nathan Crabbe and Douglas Ray, The Gainesville Sun, Gainesville, Florida Read online: GVN4ALL Second place: Staff, State Journal-Register, Springfield, Illinois Third place: Staff, Observer-Dispatch, Utica, New York

First place: Jillian Duchnowski, Wally Haas and Derrick Mason, The Journal-Standard, Freeport, Illinois Second place: John Anderson and Brian Quinn, Wellsville Daily Reporter, Wellesville, New York Third place: Staff, Shawnee News-Star, Shawnee, Oklahoma

First place: Staff, The Item, Worcester, Massachusetts Second place: Melissa Cantu-Trevino and Ofelia Hunter,Alice Echo-News Journal, Alice, Texas

First place: Nancy Campbell, Rick Cinclair and Karen Webber, Telegram & Gazette, Worcester, Massachusetts Read online: Worcester Living An excellent section throughout. Smart design and stunning visuals. Second place: Danny Goodwin and Alan Miller’s John Glenn special sectionThe Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio Third place: The Ledger’s First on Scene magazine, The Ledger, Lakeland, Florida

First place: Emely Delsanto, The Herald News, Fall River, Massachusetts Judges admired this section’s excellent story selection and wonderful design work. Second place: The Gaston Gazette’s “Super Men” – Carolina Panthers Super Bowl Section, The Gaston Gazette, Gastonia, North Carolina Third place: The Norwich Bulletin’s Norwich Magazine, The Bulletin, Norwich, Connecticut

First place: The Independent’s “What Makes Massillon,” The Independent, Massillon, Ohio An excellent focus on what makes Massillon tick. Second place: The Free Press’ special Brandon Ingram section, The Free Press, Kinston, North Carolina Third place: The Free Press’ special Hurricane Matthew Flood Book, The Free Press, Kinston, North Carolina

First place: Scott Lauck, Catherine Martin and Ryan O’Shea Missouri Lawyers Weekly, St. Louis, Missouri A good team effort that provides a solid look at the fortunes of the most important corporations in Missouri. Second place: ThisWeek’s Friday Night Live High School Football Preview, ThisWeek Community News, Lewis Center, Ohio

First place: Staff, The Repository, Canton, Ohio Big league sections with big league coverage that runs the gamut from major championships to local-local games. Terrific design and thoughtful, reader-friendly touches throughout. Great section, great staff. Second place: Staff, Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, Florida Third place: Staff, Providence Journal, Providence, Rhode Island

First place: Staff, The Tuscaloosa News, Tuscaloosa, Alabama A championship sports staff and a championship college football team means the winners are the readers of The Tuscaloosa News. Well done to the entire staff, all of whom were necessary to support and augment the excellent work by the Sports staff in producing this coverage. Second […]

First place: Chris Easterling and Joe Mitchin, The Independent, Massillon, Ohio The Independent makes outstanding use of shared GateHouse content resources, combined with strong local-local reporting, to produce a community newspaper section that would be worthy of a metro-circulation audience. Well done. Second place: Alan Ford and Gabe Whisnant, The Star, Shelby, North Carolina Third […]

First place: Staff, Crestview News Bulletin, Crestview, Florida It’s hard not to be impressed when you see a staff using its resources to be very best of their abilities to produce a quality sports section. The News Bulletin makes effective use of limited space by packing it with sharp, concise writing and effective photos and […]

First place: “The Ticket,” The Repository, Canton, Ohio Second place: “Sunday Living,” Erie Times-News, Erie, Pennsylvania Third place: Nancy Campbell, Richard Duckett and Victor Infante’s “ACT” and “Sunday Living” Telegram & Gazette, Worcester, Massachusetts

First place: “Go,” The Bulletin, Norwich, Connecticut Second place: Carla Jimenez’s “A&E”, The State Journal-Register, Springfield, Illinois Third place:Emely Delsanto’s Lifestyle, The Herald News, Fall River, Massachusetts

First place: Staff, The Times-News, Hendersonville, North Carolina Good local stories and information about happenings. Good job! Second place: Chris Patires, The Lake Sun, Camdenton, Missouri Third place: Marsha Miller and Julie Thomas, The Daily Ardmoreite, Ardmore, Oklahoma

First place: Mary Reines’ Top 10 Things To Do, Marblehead Reporter Second place: William Dowd and Mary Reines’ Arts & More, Marblehead Reporter Third place: Mary Reines’ Teen Takeover: Rapper’s Delight, Marblehead Reporter>

First place: Staff, The Columbus Dispatch, Columbus, Ohio Find the Columbus Dispatch accross social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest The Dispatch’s window was a great use of social video. Second place: Staff, The Ledger, Lakeland, Florida Third place: Staff, Rockford Register Star, Rockford, Illinois

First place: Nick Tomecek, Northwest Florida Daily News, Fort Walton Beach, Florida Follow Northwest Florida Daily News across social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest The numbers were impressive. The wide use of FB live made the difference. Second place: Staff, Standard-Times, New Bedford, Massachusetts Third place: Staff, The Monroe News, Monroe, Michgan

First place: Jillian Duchnowski and Derrick Mason, Journal-Standard, Freeport, Illinois Follow the Journal-Standard across social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram A clear strategy has worked for the Freeport Journal. Second place: Staff, Lake Sun, Camdenton, Missouri Third place: Staff, The Shawnee News-Star, Shawnee, Oklahoma

First place: Thomas Boni, Crestview News Bulletin, Crestview, Florida Follow the Crestview News Bulletin across social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Excellent job of creating a social atmosphere throughout the newsroom. Second place: Glenn M. Parrish, Booneville Democrat, Booneville, Arkansas