First place: Barbara Carmen, The Columbus Dispatch Read online: Forget ‘Ministry of Truth’ Barb Carmen is a great editorial writer and a good reporter. Her ledes are like a loud hand clap, demanding the reader pay attention to the pointed, well-researched commentary that follows. Second place: Pat Howard, Erie Times-News Third place: Mike Bailey, Journal Star

First place: Michael Crumb, Ames Tribune Read online: Using judicial discretion for the greatest impact Michael Crumb’s writing has a nice clip. Short, snapping sentences that have a steady drumbeat, propelled by a hint of indignation. Fun to read. Second place: Dena Sattler, Garden City Telegram Third place: Michael L. Klocke, The Record

First place: Eric Dundon, Hannibal Courier-Post Read online: Councilmen should examine their commitment Eric Dundon proves that the best editorials are the result of good reporting. Arguments rely on facts, data and research, paired with good writing. Second place: Sean McCrory, Daily Messenger

First place: Kaylea Hutson-Miller, The Grove Sun Kaylea Hutson-Miller writes like a true community newspaper editor, standing among her audience, writing as one of them.