First place: Bethany Kurtz, Waxahachie Daily Light

About this entry: Bethany Kurtz’s videos are clear, consistent and amazing examples of the power of visual storytelling.

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Clean and straightforward storytelling— not an easy thing to pull-off in this visually saturated world of over-produced visual narratives— Exceptionally strong narration, with ample b-roll. Pieces were concise and used a perfect mix of video and still photography.

Second place: David Sokol, Medford Transcript

About this entry: David Sokol expertly mixes video and still images in the solid reporting he produces and is a master of the art of editing.

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This portfolio showed great range — the videographers strong sense composition, framing, pacing and tight editing made it a clear winner. It may have placed higher except for the overuse of music, making pieces feel more like music videos and less like journalism.

Third place: Garrett Fergeson, Sturgis Journal

About this entry: Garrett Fergeson’s sports videos are wonderfully produced and offer a great and consistent style for viewers.

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Consistent style and clean production skills helped this entry rise above others. The entry could have placed higher with more action and less talking heads.