First place: City of Disparity, Journal Star, Peoria, Illinois Read online: City of Disparity Great journalism. It took vision and tenacity to keep this series going as a steady drumbeat for awareness and change. This is true leadership. Second place: Emily Le Coz, Elizabeth Johnson and Josh Salman’s Bias on the Bench, The Herald-Tribune, Sarasota, Florida […]

First place: Danger Zone, The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, Massachusetts Read online: Danger Zone This is a very creative approach to covering this issue. The combination of data, interviews and observation is very effective. Second place: Cindy Swirko, The Gainesville Sun, Gainesville, Florida Third place: Bill Hand, Sun Journal, New Bern, North Carolina

First place: Hurricane Matthew coverage, The Free Press, Kinston, North Carolina Read online: Kinston may see major flooding This is an impressive effort — both for the spotlight that it puts on the flood damage, the community impact and the way forward, and for the team approach to making it happen. Great use of resources. […]

First place: Gun coverage, Lexington Minuteman, Lexington, Massachusetts Read online: Lexingtonians explain why they own firearms, how they use them This is a great idea, driving an informed debate with multiple perspectives leading to a conversation on the Opinion page. Second place: Dekota Gregory’s “Impact of Drugs” series, The Grove Sun, Grove, Oklahoma Third place: […]