Eric Dundon, Hannibal Courier-Post, Hannibal, Missouri

About this entry: “While the newspaper business continues to see its share of challenges, a strong editor can propel a newspaper forward with creative ideas, ambitious vision and a focus on community needs. Eric Dundon, the editor of the Hannibal Courier-Post in Hannibal, Missouri, has done just that with Missouri’s oldest daily newspaper — and the results are an ever-improving news product.” – Mike Murphy, publisher, Hannibal Courier-Post

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This editor demonstrates sophisticated reader engagement using social media, events and public service journalism. This may be a small newsroom but it shows focus and grit, executing on impactful journalism and using analytics to increase its reach across platforms. Well done.”

Honorable Mention

Jason Hunsicker, Daily Express, Kirksville, Missouri

About this entry: “Jason works in multiple roles in Kirksville, giving his maximum effort to achieve outstanding outcomes. As editor, he is one part of a three-person newsroom that publishes six editions each week. He is actively involved in all parts of the editorial process, covering stories, taking photographs, laying out pages, editing stories, managing staff and assigning stories, and much more.” – Mike Murphy, publisher, Daily Express

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This editor leads a tiny staff (three including himself) but you’d never know it by reading the work that is done at the Daily Express. This editor, besides reporting and writing himself, took on high-level leadership assignments within the company, including organizing a new design hub and leading a pilot program for regionalized high school football coverage. He looks for ways to simplify where he can (a tab on Mondays) and continue to motivate his staff to deliver high-quality content with conviction and heart. Well done!”