Paul Pronovost, The Cape Cod Times

About this entry: “What are the secrets to success for today’s editors? What’s it take to be named Editor of the Year? Digitally savvy, impeccable journalistic chops, creativity, energy, doggedness, connected to the community you serve, compassion, toughness and a willingness to have fun. Paul Pronovost, executive editor for Cape Cod Media Group, embodies these key leadership attributes and sets the performance standard for the role of editor.” – Peter Meyer, Cape Cod Media Group publisher.

Pronovost is a skilled journalist, loved by his staff, a digital pioneer and a leader in his community – he embodies all of the traits of an Editor of the Year.

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Among a strong group of Editor of the Year entries, Paul Pronovost stands out for leading a diverse group of first-rate publications including the Cape Cod Times, and new added responsibility for Cape Cod’s weeklies, too. The mantra to produce top-notch work always leads the charge, whether it’s heady investigative journalism or even the creation of a stellar annual calendar showing off the beauty of the Cape. As publisher Peter Meyer’s nominating letter puts it, “Paul is an amazing guy and skilled journalist. His team loves him and he loves them back.”

Honorable Mention

Pat Rice, Daytona Beach News-Journal

About this entry: “Pat Rice is an exceptional editor that had an exceptional year. – Bill Offill, News-Journal publisher

Rice excels at leadership, knowing how to find the right people to do the right job, and regularly serves as the public face of the newspaper at local events. In 2015, the News-Journal began a huge push toward being more digital through the use of video, social media and blogs, of which Rice’s is one of the most high performing.

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Editor Pat Rice of the Daytona Beach News-Journal also deserves a big high five this year. Rice’s stewardship over special projects included the creation of a statewide public records database as part of a series on police use of deadly force, and an investigation into firefighters increasingly serving as emergency medical responders. According to publisher Bill Offil, “Instead of focusing on lost resources, Pat immediately set the tone with expectations of even higher quality journalism.”