First place: Staff, Marshfield Mariner

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A thorough look at the overwhelming expense of daycare. The special report supplies local facts, from the cost of daycare to state requirements to the trend away from babysitting and toward enrichment. Reporters explored many local angles, featuring local grandparents who care full-time for their grandchildren, a mom who stays at home because daycare was too expensive and specific childcare programs. An impressive special section of easy-to-use information and real-life tales.

Second place: Staff, Norwell Mariner

An in-depth look at breast cancer, in several October issues, called “Paint it All Pink.” The series interviews doctors, cancer patients, supporters, all to create a three-dimensional look at the disease and how it changes lives. There’s a focus on an annual cancer conference, with previews and event coverage, as well as therapy, philanthropy and support groups.

Third place: Jason Hunsicker, Kirksville Daily Express & News

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An interesting look at the Amish and Mennonite communities opposing a major power line running through their properties. The four-part series explains the details of the lines and interviews two Amish and Mennonite men.