First place: Wally Haas, The Journal Standard

Read online: Let’s hope soda tax idea fizzles, Stephenson County should get medical marijuana farm, Freeport School Board’s handling of Selleck disappearance inept

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The editorials are well reported, persuasive and show a strong connection to the community. Good job of holding public officials accountable — particularly the takedown of the school board — and laying out solutions to community problems.

Second place: Jim Timmerman, The Holland Sentinel

In memory of Jim: Longtime Sentinel editor Jim Timmerman remembered
“Jim Timmerman has been a valuable member of The Sentinel’s staff for more than 20 years. His knowledge of the area is second to none as is his ability to touch on issues plaguing the community. Included in this entry is one PDF with a range of columns touching on issues such as legalizing marijuana, cutting the cable cord from our TVs, income inequality and something as simple as jumping off of a pier (which is a common problem on Lake Michigan piers).”

The editorials are clearly written and straightforward, and the arguments well thought out. Good job of making the case for protecting people from their own foolish behavior without being insulting.

Third place: Tom Martin, The Register-Mail

Read online: On school strike – we need new leaders, Get a contract today, Pick solutions not sides in contract dispute

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The editorials did a good job of cutting through the emotion and over-the-top rhetoric associated with a teachers’ strike. The criticism of all parties was tough, but was accompanied by thoughtful solutions.