First place: Courtney Hergesheimer, The Columbus Dispatch

About this entry: “Two weeks after The Dispatch published the ‘Silent Suffering’ series, the newspaper held a community forum at which more than 300 people gathered for two hours to discuss the devastating effects of suicide. But the heartbreaking emotion pouring from the audience was at its peak when they watched a 15-minute video.

The video perfectly explains why suicide has become a national public-health crisis, the failings of our mental health system, the struggle that victims and their families suffered because of mental illness and the pain that endures from their losses.” — Courtney Hergesheimer

This entry was visually exceptional, well shot and edited. Well executed for such an emotional topic. Overall, there was a fantastic diversity (range) of topics in this portfolio. All her videos had impeccable sound production which added to the value and placement as the 1st place winner.

Second place: Doug Engle, Ocala Star-Banner

About this entry: Doug Engle has the ability to beautifully portray any subject and is a master of composition and editing.

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This portfolio showed great range — the videographers strong sense composition, framing, pacing and tight editing made it a clear winner. It may have placed higher except for the overuse of music, making pieces feel more like music videos and less like journalism.

Third place: Erik Gliedman, Times Herald-Record

About this entry: Erik Gliedman understands the vital need for context, which is expertly given by fantastic narration, and is a pacing pro.

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Wonderful narration skills giving the pieces in this portfolio the much needed context and info. Great use of b-roll great editing and overall pacing, the videos were never too long, they always felt like the perfect amount of time for the particular story—not an easy feat. Well done.