First place: Shelly Conlon, Waxahachie Daily Light

About this entry:“Once taught that Twitter is just another tool for taking notes out in the field, it’s almost become second nature. Whenever I can, I use the social media site to tell a story in a way readers who want immediate news can interact.

With that in mind, the expectation automatically becomes the same as if one were to be writing a story — remain factual, acknowledge when you’re wrong or when you don’t know something, follow proper grammar and AP style rules and remain ethical, fair, balanced and accurate.

That way, you’re still allowing your sources to tell the story.

Like a ripple when a rock drops into a pond, Twitter has become the fastest way at this time to get news out quickly and accurately to readers. Then you can redirect them back to your media outlet for the full story. That’s now become the standard at the Waxahachie Daily Light, allowing us to even compete with major metropolitan broadcast stations, and uniting us as a team when it comes to breaking news.” — Shelly Conlon

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Shelly Conlon does a great job of pulling from a variety of sources to make a strong Twitter timeline. As a managing editor, she sees all the news in her area, and she tweets about it all. Her account has to be the most useful in Waxahachie.

Second place: Jeremy Costello, Butler County Times-Gazette

About this entry: Even though he is often tweeting about the news, that does not stop Jeremy Costello from letting his personality shine through or from fully engaging with followers.

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Jeremy Costello does a great job of bringing his personality to his account while still being newsy. He’s engaging and interesting to follow, which has worked well for him.

Third place: Ryan Papaserge, Hornell Evening Tribune

About this entry: “A mix of promoting his work, amazing NASCAR insight during races and other odds and ends makes Ryan a must-follow. I expect his followers to triple into 2016.” — John Anderson

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Ryan Papaserge uses Twitter as a fun mix of memes, NASCAR news and personal musings. This mix makes for an engaging, useful, fun Twitter timeline.