First place: James Haynes, The Times-Reporter

About this entry: “[H]e is a prolific tweeter and has a tremendous following. He does so well engaging with students while covering sporting events on Twitter, including shout-outs to them and more. He also does well posting videos to Twitter, tweeting breaking news — and the “blow by blow” of a game.” — Melissa Griffy Seeton

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There were several outstanding entries in this category, but James Haynes stands out for the way he enthusiastically embraces all that Twitter can and should be for a journalist. Haynes live tweets games, consistently interacts with his readers, breaks news – and shares a slice of his personal life. This is a must-follow account.

Second place: Bobby LaGesse, Ames Tribune

About this entry: “Sportswriter Bobby LaGesse gains big following through his engagement of readers on all things ISU athletics, particularly football.” — Michael Crumb

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Bobby LaGesse does a fantastic job with his Twitter account in brining his world into his readers’ hands. He does this by consistently tweeting short videos and photos he takes that offer a glimpse at a practice or a location he’s visiting. His timeline is a rich mix of live tweets, breaking news, his thoughts and behind-the-scenes content.

Third place: Chris Singleton, Houma Today

About this entry: “Since joining Twitter in 2009, it has been a great tool to use in my reporting. The best thing about Twitter is that it is one of the quickest ways to promote our newspaper stories, send out breaking news reports, talk with readers and make contacts and sources. In the past year, I’ve used my Twitter account handle @courierchris to tweet up-to-the-minute scoring updates from sporting events I cover. This is very important because it helps readers who can’t make the game know what’s going on. I’ve received many emails and comments from readers thanking me of posting score updates via twitter. I’ve also used my Twitter account to generate interest in local sports by coming up with poll questions. The poll questions range from asking readers to vote for the winner of a big upcoming sporting event or to give their thoughts on the hiring of a new football coach. In the past year, we’ve started to take more videos and pictures while on assignments. On many occasions, I’ve shared these photos and pictures with my Twitter followers. I’ve posted videos from my Tout video account on Twitter, and I’ve shared photos from events like an athletic signing on my accounts. Twitter is a great way to interact with my followers and the newspaper’s readers, especially since more people are looking to social media to get their news. On average, I sent out as many as 10 tweets a day for seven days a week. I’ve also send out tweets at all times of the day, depending on when breaking news happens. It has helped my Twitter following increase to nearly 5,000 followers. I’ve received many news breaking tips through Twitter. It’s a great way to promote our work, and I have fun sharing stories, photos, videos, breaking news and more with my Twitter account.” — Chris Singleton

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Chris Singleton lives on Twitter. Whether he’s updating the winners of each event at a track meet or talking about college basketball, Singleton consistently uses the medium to reach his audience. Singleton also does a great job interacting with his readers.