First place: Andy Kravetz, Journal Star

About this entry: Whether linking to stories, engaging with followers or live tweeting breaking news, it’s clear that Andy Kravetz uses the platform the fullest.

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Andy Kravetz uses Twitter to its fullest potential as a conversational platform. He’s constantly talking with people in his community about things on his beat, is helping answer questions his readers have and throws in stories he finds interesting from a variety of sources.

Second place: Edward Fitzpatrick, The Providence Journal

About this entry: “Twitter is valuable in a variety of ways. It allows you to monitor the daily discussion about Rhode Island politics, find and stay in touch with sources, develop ideas for columns, quickly break news with 140-character bursts and convey fully developed columns to a crucial audience.” — Edward Fitzpatrick

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Edward Fitzpatrick looks like he’s having fun with social media, which is a key to success. Although he has used Twitter to break open big political stories, he also isn’t afraid of having a good conversation with a reader or sharing his enthusiasm for sports. This is an engaging and interesting account to follow.

Third place: Dinah Voyles Pulver, The Daytona Beach News Journal

About this entry: “Though primarily a writer about the environment and weather, Dinah Voyles Pulver is among the most versatile journalists in the newsroom. In fact, if all you had was her Twitter account to go by, you can easily see why. Her stream is very personable and informative. It can be funny and interesting or vitally important in the case of weather alerts. Her connection to her followers is obvious, with regular conversations and shares. Her Twitter came through with a source that led her to World War II veteran Joseph Sokol whom she profiled as part of last year’s Freedom’s Call project.” — Derek Catron

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Follow Dinah on Twitter @DinahVP

Dinah Voyles Pulver has a fun, interesting beat: wildlife and weather in Florida. Her Twitter account reflects that perfectly. She’s equally quick to share breaking weather news as she is to talk about the state’s ecosystem – all while being conversational and engaging.