First place: Eric Detweiler, StarNews Media

About this entry: Eric Detweiler’s sports stories are so much more than just sports stories. Whether writing about a soccer team’s very special youngest member or about college basketball, his stories can appeal to both fans and non-fans alike.

Read online: 9-year-old completes UNCW women’s soccer family, UNCW basketball complets full circle

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In terms of range, original reporting and eye for detail, this entry was clearly the leader among a group of competitive entries.

Second place: Devin Golden, Northwest Florida Daily News

About this entry:“The first entry is titled ‘Athletes on the Move’ and is a 12-part series investigating the effect local school districts’ zoning waivers and transfers rules have on local high school sports. It includes statistics, including the number of student-athletes on a ‘zoning waiver’ at each local school, and opens discussion about whether lenient rules for these topics create an unfair playing field across high school sports.

The second entry is titled ‘Homeless Athletes’ and is a three-part series about the topic, from the number in each school district to profile stories about two teenagers who have dealt with homelessness as a high school student-athlete.

The third entry is an enterprise article titled ‘Lewis MS Football’ about a former local middle school football powerhouse. Once the most dominant middle school team in the area, it no longer competes in the prestigious county middle school league due to competitive imbalance created by a shrinking enrollment.”  — Devin Golden

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Long way from homeless: Once homeless athlete finds safe s safe place, success in sports, Down and out: The past, present and future of Lewis football

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Thoroughly impressed with the series on homeless high school students. Nicely chaptered to give readers an overview of the issue, a personal story of a student-athlete who overcame hardship, and a look at how school officials try to help. The reporter did more than uncover statistics, he put a human face on the issue. Equally ambitious was the series on the impact of student-athlete transfers. realities.

Third place: Katy Bergen, The Herald-Tribune

About this entry: Katy Bergen’s reporting makes readers feel like they know the subjects of her profiles personally and she does well to incorporate further online coverage with her print pieces.

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The best reporters put you in the story and make you feel like you know the people being profiled. This was the case in all these entries, especially the piece about the kids being exposed to rowing for the first time. Good reporting in the pentathlon story, telling readers who might be unaccustomed to the sport key details about changes in the competition and how the event might impact the region in the future.