First place: Staff, The Herald News

About this entry: “We undertook a massive partnership with the Battleship Massachusetts, to celebrate its 50th anniversary of arriving in Fall River (and the birth of our most popular tourist attraction). The editor in chief served on the Memorial Committee, which met for 18 months to plan the weeklong celebration. As well, the Herald News became a major sponsor of the celebration, publishing a premium-type special section that looked at the history of the ship, its arrival and its future; this section was published in-paper and was sold at the Battleship as the official event guide for the celebrations (sponsorship of the section was sold, so it was not a true ‘premium’ in that subscribers were not charged extra for it).”  — Lynne Sullivan

Probably the hardest part of any commemorative edition is trying to create an attractive package using black-and-white historical photos for the most part. Mission accomplished. And then some. This is a standout not only for fine feature stories and unique angles, but for its cohesive presentation that drives the reader through to the very last page. Excellent job by page designers/graphics team.

Second place: Staff, The Times-Reporter

About this entry: “Not only did the [We the People] guide include all of the information a voter would need for the General Election, we incorporated a patriotic theme throughout the section, including guest columns from community leaders on the importance of voting, the principles of the Republican and Democratic parties — and more. We also included a pullout American flag in the middle of the section.” — Melissa Griffy Seeton

Kudos for putting a new spin on time-worn election tabs with the guilt-inducing lead stories to persuade readers why they should vote. Haven’t seen that before; loved it; may steal it. Also notable for attractive layout and comprehensive voter info on all the candidates and issues — you did your duty in spades.

Third place: Scott McNeish, The Daily Telegram

About this entry: “This is The Daily Telegram’s annual prep football season preview for the 2015 season. The special publication proved immensely popular and The Daily Telegram sold out of extra copies.” — Sheri McWhirter

Eye-catching layout, despite limited space, complements user-friendly breakdown of high school football scene. This special section surely must have scored with fans who care deeply about hometown sports.