First place: Eric Dundon, Hannibal Courier Post

About this entry: Eric Dundon’s engaging features include a profile of a local veteran, the tale of two canoeist discovering the beauty of the Mississippi River and the story of a group of scientist who venture deep into caves to save the local bat population.  

Read online: 98-year-old veteran recalls turning point in WWII, American journey takes trio through Hannibal, Battle to save the bats

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Through detailed descriptions caught by keen observations, these stories place readers in a cave with bat doctors and on a river trip with three canoeists. The profile of the veteran whose family sent 6 sons to war was a great find and could’ve been longer.

Second place: Neal White, Waxahachie Daily Light

About this entry: Neal White’s features tell wonderful stories about the wonderful people who make up his community and he exemplifies what it is to be a meaningful storyteller.  

Read online: Reunited: 70 years after war ends, veteran recalls helping Italian kid escape to America

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Solid pieces – enjoyed the one about the WWII veteran who saved the Italian boy. It was a nice observation on the relationship between the two and what their experience was like decades ago. Also, the Bon Ton story was a good example of letting colorful quotes speak for themselves.

Third place: Vicky O. Misa, The Shawnee News-Star

About this entry: Vicky O. Misa’s features incorporate brilliant visuals and engaging writing to craft her wonderful profiles of local residents, both living and dead.

Read online: Haley’s first day of school, Mummies meet technology: Scan unlocks old secrets, Visual historian reflects on career

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A caring profile on the longtime photographer and a twist on the first day of school – for a teacher – help this entry stand out.