First place: Thomas Boni, Crestview News Bulletin

About this entry: “The Crestview News Bulletin is the community’s go-to source for news and commentary — this is evident from just a glance at our Facebook page. It’s not unusual to see post views extend well beyond organic audiences, and for engagement to rival that of many daily newspapers or websites like Slate or Salon.” — Thomas Boni

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The Crestview News Bulletin’s Facebook page would put a lot of large metro newspapers’ efforts to shame. The page is full of interesting stories with sharply written captions, and it’s clear that the staff has a strong strategy for success.

Second place: Staff, Lake Sun Leader

About this entry: The Lake Sun Leader’s Facebook page is a wonderful blend of thoughtful posting and community engagement. Insights don’t lie, and they say the Leader’s Facebook is top notch.

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This is how it’s done: the Lake News Online has a fun, engaging, interesting Facebook presence. Even the banner photo across the top is a user-submitted photo. Based on the comments, likes and shares, it is clear the community is responding.

Third place: Staff, Stephenville Empire-Tribune

About this entry: The Stephenville Empire-Tribune’s ability to communicate with fans through Facebook page is due to the team’s attention to detail in content and tone and excellent reader engagement.

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The Empire Tribune has a popular Facebook page, and it’s clear that the editors’ attention to detail and conversational tone works well in this medium. This is a very strong effort for an organization this size.