First place: Eric Dundon, Hannibal Courier Post

About this entry: From his frenetic designs about club drugs to the large, peaceful images of the beautiful landscapes of Missouri, Eric Dundon’s perfectly match the stories they represent.

Eric Dundon’s front pages show versatility in his work. From the peaceful journey on the Mississippi river to the synthetic drugs scene, he masterfully modulates the design to fit the content.

Second place: Jay Redfern, Daily Review Atlas

Jay Redfern’s pages are traditional in their presentation but never stodgy. The design conveys urgency and a clear hierarchy. The photos are selected with care, and carry the page well. No bells and whistles, but a pleasure to read.

Third place: Tina Bridenstine, The Shawnee News-Star

Tina’s front pages are a great reflection of the community. Her mini poster treatment of a child’s first day of school to the future of wheat harvests show attention to detail and excellent design skills.