First place: Ariana Torrey of Center for News & Design, designing for The Herald-Tribune

About this entry: The Herald-Tribune uses bold images and unconventional page layouts to emphasis the importance of its award-winning stories and to entice readers to pick up a copy and learn what’s within its pages.

[Ariana Torrey of] The Herald-Tribune team creates elegant, compelling and refined front page features. The headlines are never too loud here. The understated monochromatic treatment of some stories such the one dealing with mental illness, pull the reader right in.

Second place: Katie Gaston, Journal Star

Katie Gaston brings the element of surprise to the front page of the Journal Star. Whether the presentation whispers or shouts, it is guaranteed to retain the reader’s attention.

Third place: Marty Greenstein, The Repository

Marty Greenstein’s sports covers are full of energy. The photo selection of action shots perfectly captures the emotion of the moment. Designed like posters fronts, these are certainly keepers for fans of all ages.