First place: Ron Borresen, The Herald-Tribune

About this entry: The Herald-Tribune adds nostalgia and whimsy to its sports coverage in this creative design. Words can’t do it justice, you just have to see it for yourself.

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Excellent, creative, important. Out of the box approach gives this event even more notice. Great job planning and executing. A pleasant surprise while judging sports.

Second place: Sports staff, The Daytona Beach News Journal

About this entry: Impressive photography and design combine to make these sections the top speed week coverage for readers.

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Impressive sections and designs, top speedweek coverage for readers and fans. Nice work overall.

Third place: Staff, Journal Star

About this entry: Clean, organized design allows readers to browse coverage for a wide assortment of coverage. The photography boasts a wonderful composition that pops off the page.

Strong sections, really nice job.