First place: Robert DeWitt, The Tuscaloosa News

About this entry: An excellent mix of opinion pieces with a strong visual presentation. packed with thought-provoking columns and viewpoints from the political to ecological and covering issues local to national.

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Excellent mix, strong presentation, packed with thought-provoking columns and viewpoints. A standout, inviting and well-designed section.

Second place: Jayette Bolinski, formerly of The State Journal-Register

About this entry: A well curated section with local, state, and national issues. Topics range from education to politics, with voices from readers and national figures such as Ann Coulter.

A great mix for the capital city reader with local unique content, national voices and reader voices. Nice job.

Third place: Mike Klocke, The Record

About this entry: While you can anticipate the usual political coverage, this opinions section plays largely on pathos. With moving words on tragedy and disaster, this section offers readers hope and optimism in darker times.

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Nicely designed, good section for readers with topics for discussion. Nice work