First place: Carrie Seidman, The Herald-Tribune

About this entry: Carrie Seidman’s talent shines in her vivid, enchanting features. She writes with grace in a series following a ballet dancer’s journey to compete in Havana, and again in an intimate look at one woman’s journey to die on her own terms.

HAVANA_DAY ONE (dragged)

Read the full Home to Havana project online here.

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Graceful, detailed writing on a variety of subjects. The speed-dating story has been done many times, but this one felt fresh and funny.

Second place: Chris Anderson, The Herald-Tribune

About this entry: From the dangerous side of ice skating to dealing with trauma in adolescents, Chris Anderson tests his range again and again, demonstrating his skill as a reporter. He wastes not one detail in painting a complete picture of the story.

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Entries show a wide variety of subjects, all well written.

Third place: John Przybys, Las Vegas Review-Journal

About this entry: There are those of us that can spot an opportunity for a story everywhere we turn. John Przybys is one of those lucky few. With a strong voice, his writing transports us back in time for the highs and lows of history. From a 1964 Beatles concert in Las Vegas, to the horror of concentration camps in Auschwitz, Przybys spares no detail in his stories.

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Nicely written pieces with good detail.